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Ginning Services

Middle Awash Agricultural Development and Arbaminch farm, the company has also acquired ginning factories with these farms. This has enabled Amibara processes its cotton in to lint cotton and oil seed. These two ginning plants give the processing/ginning service to the cotton produced from all the farms listed above. The locations of these factories have favored the enterprise in distributing its products to customers.

Middle Awash Ginnery provides ginning service to Middle Awash farms, partially to Gelsita farms and local out growers. The ginning factory has a ginning capacity of more than 2,400 quintals of raw cotton per day.

Arbaminch ginning factory, located in Arbaminch town, has a strategic location providing ginning service to Arbaminch farm, Abaya farm and partially to Omo farm. It has a capacity to gin 1000 quintals a day.

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