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23 New York, 10 Hudson Yards.

+ (00) 1800-567-8990

Amibara General Aviation

In addition to the farming business, Amibara has also integrated vertically to other businesses which include the aviation service in 2008 purchased from Ethiopian Air Lines with capital of 25 million birr or 892,857 USD. Apart from being the backbone of crop protection for Amibaras’ farms, the company renders aerial chemical spray service to other local commercial farms and neighboring country, Sudan. Currently the company owns five airplanes, with its future plan to purchase more airplanes.

Charter operation

Aerial photography, aerial survey and aerial firefighting services are some of the services which the company is offering in addition to chemical spray service. After fully taking the operation from the Ethiopian Airlines, Amibara General Aviation Services has provided competent & reliable services by the experienced pilots and technicians of the EAL and those coming from Sudan.

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