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Sugar cane plantation

In dealing with the millennium development goals, the government of Ethiopia has formulated the growth and transformation plan (GTP) and has been struggling to achieve it for the last three years. In the Industry development strategy of the GTP, great attention has been given for manufacturing, especially Agro processing subsectors such as sugar industry. For this purpose Sugar Corporation has been established to expand the existing factories and install new ones throughout the country. In this process, sugar corporation looked-for private strategic partners who could take part in this development endeavor and offered Amibara to produce and supply Sugar Cane in biomass for its Kesem project, whose sugar factory is expected to be completed by December 2014/15 G.c.

Through this understanding on March 27, 2014, at the office of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation (ESC) the agreement was signed with the factory, Amibara will supply of sugar cane biomass at a price of 50 Br per quintal. Actually a year before this Keseem-Amibra project launch the company was decidedly contributed to the government in one successful operation (Omo-Kuraz project). Since, the government highly request to partaking kuraz sugar factory project success. The company was accepted the request without any complains under Amibara’s sister company (Omo valley Agro industry Plc) and take plantation on 550ha of land by rejected other regular crops like cotton for the last two production season (17 month).

And supplied the ratoon cane on time for kuraz sugar factory in order to replant on 6000 ha. So, because of previous success and keep in wonderful relationship with government the new agreement made between Amibara/Middle Awash Agricultural Development Enterprise and Sugar Corporation. Currently based on the contractual agreement l, the company has been producing and supplying up to 4,000 tons of sugarcane planation per year.

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